The restoration and refinishing process is arguably the most important aspect in dealing with Chinese antique furniture. Proper restoration of a piece can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in its value.

When sourcing furniture in China, we sometimes come across pieces that have been properly maintained and are in great condition—requiring very little or no restoration at all. These pieces are extremely rare and are thus very expensive.

Most of the furniture we find has been in use for well over one hundred years without any regular maintenance or restoration

If a piece is restored without using the proper tools and techniques, the patina of the wood can be destroyed.

Patina is the natural texture and graininess of the wood that is only brought out through years of use and natural aging.

Because there weren't any nails or pins used in the origin construction (instead carpenters of old used different forms of tongue and groove or mortise and tenon construction), complete restoration is possible without any damage to the wood. However, without the proper knowledge, tools and techniques, a piece can be badly damaged and even destroyed










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