Lamphanger Chairs (Pair)

 Dimensions: 46h x 20w x 16.5d
 Wood: Yu
 Origin: Shanxi
 Period: 19th Century
 Catalog#: MM258

This pair of Lamphanger chairs has very prominent upturn head pieces. The back splat is divided into 4 sections. The second section is decorated with a 4 petal-plum blossom. The rare stiles curve up to create a contrast with the curved in back splat. The seat is of standard mitered frame construction with a tongue and grooved floating panel. Under the seat there are two supporting braces. The aprons are beaded along the edges and cusped in the middle. The stretchers are in the Bao-bao gap arrangement as an auspicious token. The front stretcher is further supported by simple and undecorated aprons.















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