Southern Official's Hat

Armchairs (Pair)

 Dimensions: 41h x 22w x 17d
 Wood: Yumu
 Origin: Hebei
 Period: 19th C
 Catalog#: MM759

This style of chair is also called “Wen Yi” which literally means scholar’s chairs. The main feature of this pair is a high seat indicating that this pair had once a foot rest to go along with it. The design of the back and the shallowness of the seat are to discourage comfort so that anyone seated on this chair would have to sit upright and concentrate on their studies. The design under the back splat is the “Chi” dragon – a playful dragon encircling a thunder spiral. Chi dragon is often used as a decorative motif because of its auspicious meaning and the thunder spiral is a motif borrowed from the archaic bronze period. This motif became very popular during the Qianlong period and the emperor was known for his bronze collection. The apron is also decorated with this motif done in low relief style. The pair still retains much of its original lacquer finish. The legs are supported with Bao-Bao-Go style stretchers.
















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