Low Kang Cabinet

  Dimensions: 16.5h x 45w x 16.5d
 Wood: Yumu
 Origin: Tianjin
 Period: 19th C
 Catalog#: MM 928


This small “Kang” cabinet was specially designed to be placed on top of a “Kang” – a traditional brick bed found in Northern China. A Kang bed usually occupies one third to one half a room and is about 3 feet in height. Therefore the furniture keeps on top of a “Kang” is normally low compared to normal furniture. This “Kang” cabinet was placed on one side of a Kang for storing sheets and blankets. The aprons are decorated with trailing plants. The metal work is in the design of a bat. Both trailing plants and bats are used as auspicious symbols for youthfulness and fortune.














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