Two Tiered Basket

 Dimensions: 16h x 12d
 Wood: Bamboo
 Origin: Zhejiang
 Period: Late 19th/Early 20th C
 Catalog #: MM 903


This type of basket was traditionally used by families to send wedding cakes to their friends when their daughters were married. Also, when the patriarch of the family celebrated his 60th birthday, the family also used this type of basket to send away birthday noodles and cakes to their relatives. The basket is made of bamboo. The bamboo is cut into thin strips. The strips are then woven into different patterns. Normally the pattern appearing on the top of the lids is either longevity (for birthday) or double happiness (for wedding). The handle of the basket is one piece of bamboo bent into an angular shape on the top. On the side of the handle one will find the inscription detailing the family’s name and the occasion such a basket was used.












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